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About Us

At Little Bit Of Luck Shop we aim to bring celebrity inspired designs to our customers at affordable prices. Every Fashionista is a natural trendsetter and there's no better way to demonstrate that then through accessories. So let your inner diva out and enjoy the beauties of the world!

Started in NYC out of a small office, we began to think about how powerful relics can be. Seeing so many boring styles made us want to cater to a woman's real needs :BLING. You can never have too much ice on you. What better way then to frost your evil eye jewelry at an affordable price?!

Here at Little Bit Of Luck Shop we aim to please every lady that steps out with our pieces. we offer discounts and promotions constantly so customers can have fun purchasing more!!!

Accessories complete the outfit and in our Shops case also help bring some luck to your day. We mainly specialize in lucky relics to help demonstrate the importance of believing in a higher calling. Each person is unique in their own way , and not any two people hold the same identical beliefs. By offering a wide range of lucky relics, our shop allows our customers to demonstrate their inner uniqueness and depict their beliefs in their own unique accessory.

Whether it be a celebrity inspired design or a custom made piece , no matter what you chose you'll continue to be a one of a kind person.

PLEASE NOTE: our items are for the conscious shopper looking to buy things that are consciously priced. unlike other websites, we don't try to rip our customers off. everything is priced reasonably. we participate with many events as well.