Exchange Policy

Exchange Only Policy

We dont accept returns on our items, however we do accept exchanges for store credit. Due to the fact our items are hand crafted and Custom made we can only exchange it if you are not satisfied.

Terms for Exchange:


Unlike other sites, our items are consiously priced. Therefore being that we are a small business on the rise we can only offer advice on how to keep your items looking brand new.

We recommend cleaning (as would any respecatble jewelery store)

Since the items are custom made and hand crafted, they are also delicate. 

Sterling silver is very delicated as is, since it is composed of 92.5% PURE SILVER and 7.5% COPPER. The copper gives it its durability since silver bends easily.

That being said, always becareful how you put on the bracelets. Just like anything dainty it can get caught easily.

In a situation like that, we recommend taking it to your local TRUSTED jeweler to get fixed. normally welding prices do not exceed $10 dollars.